Thursday, September 18, 2008

Theresa Kok - PRAY or POUNCE?

Theresa Kok - PRAY or POUNCE?

I am ranting & raving... screw grammar, screw everything...

I just don't understand you flers la...10000 Malaysian Indians fought the FRU for a whole day coz they could not accept temple demolition. that despite nationwide scare tactic and police roadblocks. Then 800,000 Indians boycotted the Thaipusam. Then they completely trashed the only party that represented them for 50 years. now MIC got nyawa nyawa ikan only.

5 of their leaders are in arbitrary incarceration since Dec last year. The Chinese like to say many things about Indians but one thing for sure they got balls lah...

But the Chinese? MCA and Gerakan (dont gimme the bull Gerakan is multi racial, they are so only when in trouble) are in full steam. No real impact. Still can talk Cock. Even after Sin Chew reporter and Theresa Kok these parties talk cock. The rest of the population swallow their talk cock.

Here we have a woman, Theresa Kok, under arbitrary detention for something she claims not to have done. Even if she did it she should face open court and not detention without trial.

Hey you all know or not? How it is in the jail cell?

It is 8 feet by 8 feet. No window. Steel door with one peep hole which is opened every hour for inspection 24/7. There will be one toilet and one wash basin plus some toilet paper. She can be peeped any time as she does not know the time. She cannot take a bath or shower unless she is allowed by her captors.

She has to sleep on a cement or wood platform without pillow, without mattress and without blanket.

Her food quality is suspect. How do we know some crazy bugger does not add anything dirty into her food? So easy what? All of you sure have heard how waiters spit in your food or drink. What guarantee she tak kena like that by some crazy guard who hates her? maybe that's why she kena diarrhea. Imagine, already in shit situation, kena cirit birit somemore? How to manage. have to go toilet many times, she is wiping herself and suddenly peep hole opens, there goes her modesty. You think got dettol soap in the cell ah?

You think she got attached bathroom ah? You fools. your maids have better facility and freedom than your MP la.... Theresa Kok can only get improved facilities (like getting access to the toothpaste her father bought her !!!!!) IF SHE COOPERATES WITH HER CAPTORS. That's why RPK sent his stuff away!!! He knows. I also KNOW. Just read Kasim Ahmad's book about his detention you silly, uneducated, unread, self interested parvenus!!!

So despite all these, you buggers can only let her old man father and old woman mother manage it with the help of some Indian lawyers?????


All you can do is sign online petition and do candle light VIGIL????? Pray????? PRAY????? Screw it. if GOD wanted to help he'd have stopped far worse atrocities in this world.

Betul your otak rosak. You want a SECULAR COUNTRY but when faced with political problem you run to your prayer halls for solution? Ever think about that???

Come on lah. Protest louder. Protest more effectively. be strategic. BUT DON"T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL !!! I NEVER ASK YOU TO GET ANGRY, HATE ANYONE OR DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL OKAY!!!

Do legally but do louder lah...maybe like screwing yr MCA and Gerakan so called leaders??? Calling yr nearest UMNO MP and screwing him on the phone. Calling all ministers And never stopping until we jam up their lines forever unless they release the girl?

must I teach you everything??? no own brains???? cannot do more than what you are doing?????

How can we go to bet every night knowing the poor girl is suffering?

Your problem is simple. You have allowed your mind to follow the FRAME given by the regime. MENTAL FRAME = "ISA DETAINEE".

What if you think outside the box and FRAME the situation as MENTAL FRAME = "POLITICAL CAPTIVE" ? Will you react differently????