Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Which Indians?
Malaysia Star - Malaysia
As Malaysia's Indian society moves away from traditionalist mores that still hold sway in parts of India, we can expect a further blurring of communal lines ...
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Battle to 'save great British curry'
BBC News - UK
"Normally, I would get people in from China or Malaysia. "But the rules make that very difficult, and people from this country don't want to do that kind of ...
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Beware of the bulls
InfoChange - Pune,Maharashtra,India
Foreigners as much as a minority of wealthy Indians and NRIs themselves are acquiring property around the country at a breathless pace, making investment in ...
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Radio Minnal FM
By aarvidi
... was some news about the DJ's of Minnal, just after Hindraf, and I did make some comments. The link is here. Who are the Minnal DJ's with THR now?
Aarvidi's Weblog -

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Doi-Moi: Malaysian Indian minority problems
Subject:Ground Reality of Malaysian Indian minority problems. Incarceration of the Five Hindraf leaders under the draconian Law Internal Security Act. ... > Malaysian Indian sues UK govt for USD$4 trillion
Dec 4, 2007 ... The suit is demanding one million pounds as compensation for every minority Indian in Malaysia for the "pain, suffering, humiliation, ...

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